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Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries

For weeks now the popular discussion in the Yu-Gi-Oh community has been Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries and how it will kill Burning Abyss. This has caused many people to sell their Burning Abyss decks because of the fear of losing to Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries.

I wanted to write a post on this topic to let people know Burning Abyss is not dead and will not die because of Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries.



The issue with Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries in this meta is that it’s only good first turn It is not uncommon to see Burning Abyss players have a field of a Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss and a Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal. That is already two Dantes that they have used by the time you draw Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries it will be too late.

Assuming you are playing a 40 card deck and siding three copies of Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries then there is a 34 percent chance that you will open one copy Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries. Some people like to side two copies of each card, so the chances of opening it then will be 24 percent. Surely you might steal a couple of games away with this but you will not be siding this card if you choose to go first.



Of course, Burning Abyss players are prepared to tackle their new challenger. Cards like Exchange, Dragged Down Into the Grave, and the creepy Necroface can all be used to counter Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries.

All three cards above do have some cons to them. Exchange you have to lose a card in your hand, in Burning Abyss this can be huge as that can be the difference between ending with a Dante on board or a Beatrice.

Dragged Down into the Grave allows you to potentially trigger a Burning Abyss monster’s effect. The con of using this card is that your opponent can draw into their copy of Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries. Unlikely but it’s still possible.

Necroface is another option Burning Abyss players have. It’s used as a “just in case” card. There are many cons with using Necroface. The first two cons are its level and type. While the effect can help Burning Abyss players make a comeback it also sets them back. Level four monster have no room in a Burning Abyss deck and it makes it worse that it is a Zombie. This will force Burning Abyss players to pass turn and hope they don’t lose.

Another con is if your opponent does not have Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries you have a couple of dead cards in your deck. Topping decking this card when you don’t need the effect will be useless and can cause you from advancing your game state.

Better cards


There are far better cards to side against Burning Abyss. Many good players will tell you it is better to side cards that are live the entire match than cards that are only good turn one. Maxx “C” is a card that if you’re not playing in the main deck you should be siding. With the amount of special summoning, Burning Abyss does you will force them to stop with a weak board or gain so much hand advantage.

Flying “C” is another C card that is good against Burning Abyss decks. This will stop them from summoning most Burning Abyss monsters as they would get destroyed and it stops them from advancing their game state. They will be forced to use their Alich, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss or Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss.

Hopefully, this post helped you play Burning Abyss with confidence again or helped you create a better side deck. What are your thoughts on Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries? Feel free to leave a comment down below.


Shining Victories sneak peek

Yesterday I attend the Shining Victories sneak peek at my locals. I wasn’t excited at all for this set, except for Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries, but decided to go anyway. This is what I ended up pulling from my 5 packs and the promos.


I decided it would be best if I traded everything away because prices always drop after sneak. This is what I ended up getting for everything all my sneak peek stuff. Obviously not as successful as my BOSH sneak peek come ups.


What cards are you excited for in this set? How did you sneak peek go? Let me know in the comments.

School Tournament Series

Konami has announced the school tournament series which I absolutely think is a fantastic idea! Teams playing to represent and be able to help out their school will motivate more people to win the big prize.

Teams will be made of 3 students that attend the same school.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! School Tournament Series are Tier 1 events, conducted as Advanced Format, Constructed Deck, Swiss Round events. The Yu-Gi-Oh! School Tournament Series will play Swiss Rounds, with a Playoff Top Cut, with prizes awarded at the end of the final Round of Swiss, without a Playoff. If eight (8) or less Teams participate in the event, prizes are awarded after the final Round of Swiss.

Duelists will play Single Game Matches, with a team’s Round Results consisting of the combined Match Results for each team member, so if two team members win their Game, then the team wins that Match

Rounds in the Yu-Gi-Oh! School Tournament Series are 20 minutes long.

What is really interesting about this is the twenty-minute single game format. Pray that your decks have the best matchup against the deck you are going against.

You can read more on the School Tournament Series here.

What are your thoughts on this side event?

New SHVI game mat and regional locations

And here it is! Gosh, this mat is a beauty! Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon looks amazing!12910262_1098242206903903_1020260243_n

Sadly I won’t get the opportunity to actually win one because there are no regionals in my area. Maybe I can go to the YCS in Columbus and try to win it there.

With the new mat also comes the time for a new season. The SHVI regional locations were posted yesterday which you can read here.

What are your thoughts on the mat? Which regional events will go to during the SHVI season?

YCS Las Vegas recap

Another win for Performapals! Adam Belohradsky won the event winning the Performapal mirror in the finals. 1934765_1246999191995443_5039985367837404454_n

The top 32 consisted of 15 Performapal, 9 Kozmo, 4 Monarch, 1 Quantum Monarch, 1 Burning Abyss Phantom Knight, 1 Mermail, 1 Super Quantum.

I believe the Quantum Monarch deck used an extra deck and brought out rank 5 XYZs! Mermail deck used the Brilliant Fusion engine to use Gem-Knight Seraphinite as a double summon.

This event was streamed which was great to see and excellent commentary! You can check out the Day 2 stream here. I can’t remember if Billy Brake vs Scott Page happened day 1 or 2 but if you find it, it is worth watching!

This is further proof that the Adjusted format was great for the game. Although Performapals are by far the best deck, other decks still have a chance to compete. I don’t expect things to change when Gold Series drops unless Konami decides to release the new ban list.

Did anyone attend YCS Las Vegas or watch the stream? Tell me what you thought about the event!

OTS tournament pack reprints

My my my I think I’m in love! Ultimate rare Dark Law is amazing!  This is probably the ultimate rare in the set. Vanity’s Fiend already has an ultimate print so I’m confused why they would reprint it again. The other card I had to google to know what it was. I personally will try to get 2 or 3 of these.

Here is the list of the holos in the pack. No more common performapals! The anti-spell reprint is amazing! This is the first time this card has been somewhat easy to get 

Tell me down below what you guys think about the OTS tournament pack?

YCS Atlanta Recap

First off congrats to Jose Lagunas for his victory yesterday!


YCS Atlanta had over 1400 people enter the event all to compete for the chance to become a champion. After 11 rounds of dueling, it was obvious PePe dominated the event.

We had 29 PePe decks, 2 Monarchs, and 1 Kozmo deck make the top 32.

Although I don’t agree with the timing of the Adjusted List. YCS Atlanta proves that the deck needed to be hit. This was a tier 0 format and the power creep of the deck is unreal. Kozmos are a really good deck and a bit overpowered, but full power PePe makes them look bad.

I’m also a bit shocked to see 0 Mermail players top because they had 2 tops at YCS Sydney.

What are your thoughts on YCS Atlanta? Also for the people that attend the event how did you do?