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School Tournament Series

Konami has announced the school tournament series which I absolutely think is a fantastic idea! Teams playing to represent and be able to help out their school will motivate more people to win the big prize.

Teams will be made of 3 students that attend the same school.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! School Tournament Series are Tier 1 events, conducted as Advanced Format, Constructed Deck, Swiss Round events. The Yu-Gi-Oh! School Tournament Series will play Swiss Rounds, with a Playoff Top Cut, with prizes awarded at the end of the final Round of Swiss, without a Playoff. If eight (8) or less Teams participate in the event, prizes are awarded after the final Round of Swiss.

Duelists will play Single Game Matches, with a team’s Round Results consisting of the combined Match Results for each team member, so if two team members win their Game, then the team wins that Match

Rounds in the Yu-Gi-Oh! School Tournament Series are 20 minutes long.

What is really interesting about this is the twenty-minute single game format. Pray that your decks have the best matchup against the deck you are going against.

You can read more on the School Tournament Series here.

What are your thoughts on this side event?


New SHVI game mat and regional locations

And here it is! Gosh, this mat is a beauty! Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon looks amazing!12910262_1098242206903903_1020260243_n

Sadly I won’t get the opportunity to actually win one because there are no regionals in my area. Maybe I can go to the YCS in Columbus and try to win it there.

With the new mat also comes the time for a new season. The SHVI regional locations were posted yesterday which you can read here.

What are your thoughts on the mat? Which regional events will go to during the SHVI season?