YCS Las Vegas recap

Another win for Performapals! Adam Belohradsky won the event winning the Performapal mirror in the finals. 1934765_1246999191995443_5039985367837404454_n

The top 32 consisted of 15 Performapal, 9 Kozmo, 4 Monarch, 1 Quantum Monarch, 1 Burning Abyss Phantom Knight, 1 Mermail, 1 Super Quantum.

I believe the Quantum Monarch deck used an extra deck and brought out rank 5 XYZs! Mermail deck used the Brilliant Fusion engine to use Gem-Knight Seraphinite as a double summon.

This event was streamed which was great to see and excellent commentary! You can check out the Day 2 stream here. I can’t remember if Billy Brake vs Scott Page happened day 1 or 2 but if you find it, it is worth watching!

This is further proof that the Adjusted format was great for the game. Although Performapals are by far the best deck, other decks still have a chance to compete. I don’t expect things to change when Gold Series drops unless Konami decides to release the new ban list.

Did anyone attend YCS Las Vegas or watch the stream? Tell me what you thought about the event!


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