Regional Scrub

I was originally going to post a tourney report and do a live update on my blog, but I knew I wasn’t going to do well after losing round 1. I ended up dropping after losing to Kozmo round 5.

So I’ll just share how my deck did and what I would change. 

I personally think most of the deck was amazing. The Atlantean engine was awesome wouldn’t change the ratio at all. I won all but one game that I opened Neptabyss and same with Deep Sea Diva.

The hand traps were alright Veiler was MVP for the hand trap engine. Gorz I usually used for to banish with Sacred Sword, but it did win me a game beating down with it because someone sided Rivalry against me. Maxx C was usually a just an Upstart.

The Mermail engine was meh. I only used Gunde’s effect once all tournament. Megalo is Megalo. 3 Megalo was alright it never really bricked.
Pike was only good when I opened him and Goons or late game. Other than that he was trash. Turge was actually better than Pike, but he was still awful to open. I wish I was able to get another Abyssteus before the tournament but was only able to get one. I used him twice and won both games so I will bump it up. I had to play Mizuchi for the OTK but having this card in my starting hand was awful lost every game that I opened it.

Do I really have to say how amazing Glacia was?

Dark Hole and Raigeki were both great but opening both was awful. Chalice was decent, was able to use it both defensively and offensively. For some reason, I forgot to put in the third Instant Fusion card was the nuts. Won every game that I was able to get Norden’s effect off. Sacred Swords was alright. I did side it out most games, though because I suck at siding. One for One was the nuts. Twin Twister was also the nuts bumping that up to 2. Warning is Warning not more I can say about that.

These are the changes I would make. Hopefully next time I can do better.


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