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Monarch extra deck policy

From judge mama, Julia

I understand there is a new “trend” among some players: Placing Token Cards into your Extra Deck zone.
Some may protest they are doing it in complete innocence, however most seem to be doing this with the intention of misleading their opponent about the nature of their Extra Deck.
I’ve seen various people try to argue that this is a “legitimate mind game” and not disallowed by Konami Tournament Policy.
Perhaps these people do not read, because it is most definitely disallowed by Konami Tournament Policy.

Please review the following:

KDE TCG Tournament Policy v1.3
Player Responsibilities
F. Communication
It is your responsibility to relay accurate information at all times. You should clearly communicate your actions during game play, and ask questions of your opponent or a tournament official if you are unsure about something. You are obligated to notify an opponent if he or she fails to follow any game rules, including effects he or she may be playing incorrectly. Failure to do so may result in penalties.

Players should request the assistance of a judge at the time an issue arises, rather than afterwards.
Players may not retract moves once they have committed to them.

KDE TCG Tournament Policy v1.3
Tournament Rules
G. Game State
Players are responsible to accurately represent the Game State at all times, and truthfully answer questions about any aspect of the Game State that is considered to be public knowledge.

Both players must indicate to one another all components of their Deck. Depending upon the game, this can include a Main Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck.

Cards must be laid out according to the pattern established by a game’s Game Mat. Players may not create their own layouts unless it is deemed necessary by the Head Judge due to a disability, etc. All cards, including in-play cards, Decks, etc., must be kept in their appropriate areas.

Players may not shift the positions of cards once they have been played to the field, unless directed to do so by a card effect or game mechanic. If a player requires tokens or counters, the player should use a sufficient quantity of tokens or counters to accurately represent each game effect.

Players should never use any object (including cards) for a token or counter if it could be mistaken for another game element.

Keeping track of Life Points for the game must be done in view of both players.

Players must keep their hands and cards visible and above the table at all times.

KDE Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Tournament Policy v1.3
Tournament Play
E. Public Knowledge
The following items are considered to be public knowledge, unless a card effect says otherwise. Duelists must answer questions involving the following topics truthfully. Failure to do so may result in a Disqualification penalty.
• The number of cards in a Duelist’s hand
• The number of cards in a Duelist’s Deck (this includes the Main Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck)
• The number and names of the cards in a Duelist’s Graveyard and face-up banished cards
• Both Duelist’s current Life Point totals
• Any notes taken by either Duelist during a Duel
• Information printed on a specific, named card.

KDE Penalty Guidelines v1.3
H. Unsporting Conduct
4. UC—Cheating: (Disqualification)
This penalty is appropriate when a player is caught cheating at an event. This is the most severe penalty a Head Judge can give. KDE shows no tolerance towards cheating and takes this infraction very seriously. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, intentionally misrepresenting the game state, rules, or tournament polices. It also includes reporting inaccurate information or lying to tournament officials. Bribery and collusion are considered to be cheating.

If you don’t like to read policy (shame on you) hey, there’s always the Rulebook.

Page 5, Section 6 – Extra Deck
“Place your Extra Deck face down in this space.”

Do not put your Token Cards in your Extra Deck zone. They are not Extra Deck cards, they do not belong there.
You are not playing a “mind game” with your opponent, you are misrepresenting the Game State. Let’s be blunt, you are cheating.
It is not up to your opponent to double check and make sure you are not cheating, it is up to YOU to not cheat in the first place.
If you are caught cheating, you will be Disqualified.

TL;DR: you cannot put tokens in the extra deck to make players believe you’re not playing Monarch.


YuGiOh TCG World Championship Qualifiers

The 2016 NAWCQ location has been revealed! This year the event will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 9th through the 10th. It will be at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. I will try to attend this event and if I do go it will be the first NAWCQ I attend!

I will try to attend this event and if I do go it will be the first NAWCQ I attend! I’ve never been to the city of Pittsburgh but I really want to go and check out PNC Park, big plus that the Cubs are in town that weekend.

Anyone planning on attending NAWCQ this year?


Regional Scrub

I was originally going to post a tourney report and do a live update on my blog, but I knew I wasn’t going to do well after losing round 1. I ended up dropping after losing to Kozmo round 5.

So I’ll just share how my deck did and what I would change. 

I personally think most of the deck was amazing. The Atlantean engine was awesome wouldn’t change the ratio at all. I won all but one game that I opened Neptabyss and same with Deep Sea Diva.

The hand traps were alright Veiler was MVP for the hand trap engine. Gorz I usually used for to banish with Sacred Sword, but it did win me a game beating down with it because someone sided Rivalry against me. Maxx C was usually a just an Upstart.

The Mermail engine was meh. I only used Gunde’s effect once all tournament. Megalo is Megalo. 3 Megalo was alright it never really bricked.
Pike was only good when I opened him and Goons or late game. Other than that he was trash. Turge was actually better than Pike, but he was still awful to open. I wish I was able to get another Abyssteus before the tournament but was only able to get one. I used him twice and won both games so I will bump it up. I had to play Mizuchi for the OTK but having this card in my starting hand was awful lost every game that I opened it.

Do I really have to say how amazing Glacia was?

Dark Hole and Raigeki were both great but opening both was awful. Chalice was decent, was able to use it both defensively and offensively. For some reason, I forgot to put in the third Instant Fusion card was the nuts. Won every game that I was able to get Norden’s effect off. Sacred Swords was alright. I did side it out most games, though because I suck at siding. One for One was the nuts. Twin Twister was also the nuts bumping that up to 2. Warning is Warning not more I can say about that.

These are the changes I would make. Hopefully next time I can do better.

BOSH Sneak Peek

I went into locals today with one goal: Get 3 Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince. After walking an hour to get to locals, I finally get my 5 packs and promo card.

These were my amazing pulls! Sadly I did not pull the card I needed so I had to do some work.

From my sneak peek packs a couple of other cards I needed up with this and $90.  
DEAL OF THE DAY: I traded the Cyber Dragon Infinity for a Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer and Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince

It’s safe to say that today’s sneak peek was successful for me. I’m 1 card short of finishing my deck for regionals next week.

How did you guys do at today’s sneak peek?

New BOSH Regional Game Mat

The new regional playmat for the BOSH regional has been revealed! The card on the mat is Buster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman. Personally, I think this is a cool looking mat and I look forward to trying to win it. What do you guys think about the game mat?


You can view North American regional locations here

What to expect in 2016

My goal for this blog for yugioh players to get better and informed of what is going on in the yugioh TCG. I may provide some OCG news because I do have a friend that plays in the OCG.

I’ll try to attend more events in 2016 and give you guys recaps and what is being played in the top tables. I’ll analyze the meta and give tips on how to counter the meta. I’ll be beginning a series where I type my monthly experience on I also plan on judging a regional for the first time. I’ll write my experience for those that are interested in judging.