Monthly Archives: December 2015

BOSH spoilers

And they’re here! The new BOSH spoilers have been leaked. What cards are you looking forward to?

I got these pictures from the YGO Iluminate and ARG’s Facebook pages. Feel free to check those out

Luckily I can read a bit of Spanish so I understood a bit of the other secret counter trap. Bad translation but it’s somewhat correct.

“When a spell/trap or monster effect is activated discard a card of the same type to negate the activation and if you do destroy it”


BOSH North American Regional Locations

New locations for the next regional season have been announced! You can view the locations here.

I will personally be attending the Rosemont regional on January 17th, two days after Break of the Shadow is released. I will also attend the Tinley Park regional on April 3rd. Depending on what I have completed at the time I will either play Atlanteans or HERO. Sucks that this mean I have to get everything at hype price.

Good luck to everyone this regional season! Which regional will you be attending?

New Yu-Gi-Oh! Day playmat

The Yu-Gi-Oh! playmat has been revealed for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Day event! The event will take place on January 30th-31st depending on the location. The locations can be viewed here.

The playmat features the vassal archetype. They are all mini monarchs that gain effects when they are tributed for a tribute summon. This will probably be the same mat given out at BOSH regional events.