YCS San Jose Predictions

YCS San Jose is arguably the most irrelevant YCS of all time. The newest set DOCS is legal as of yesterday. In DOCS, we see Kozmos and Performage get a boost to their decks. DOCS also introduced a the new Majespecter archetype. This is the last event before the November 9th F&L list goes into effect, because of this, techs for this YCS won’t matter because the meta changes one day later

Expect to see the old decks that have dominated the game all of 2015, as well as the new decks getting a boost by DOCS. My prediction for this event is Nekroz will be in first after swiss, and have the majority of the tops. I expect Burning Abyss to take this event. Burning Abyss gets a boost with Painful Escape allowing them to recycle monsters while triggering their effect. I also expect Majespecter, Shaddolls, Performages, and Kozmos to top this event.

Good luck to every duelist attending YCS San Jose!


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